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FLIR Systems Offers Incentive on B-Cam Imager


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Boston MA - October 16

Flir Systems, Inc., the global leader in infrared cameras, has announced a purchase incentive program for its popular BCAM® thermal imager. Under the terms of FLIR’s offer, customers will receive a cash savings when they order a BCAM by December 15, 2006. Customers can take advantage of this offer online.


FLIR’s BCAM infrared camera offers a non-invasive means of monitoring and diagnosing building conditions. With its immediate high-resolution thermal imaging, the BCAM can find potential structural issues, moisture, energy efficiency concerns, pests, rodents, and more. The BCAM is lightweight, rugged, and ergonomic.

The BCAM delivers fully radiometric jpeg image storage, which is ideal for any application. This functionality enables users to make any temperature measurement of any pixel after the image has been saved. New Quickview 2.0 thermal imager software also allows users to select different color palette, level and span, or even a moving spot locator to zoom in on intended target areas. An MPEG 4 live video feature enables users to display real-time images through their PCs.

Detailed information about the BCAM is available on FLIR’s Web site. FLIR’s purchase incentive for the BCAM will run until December 15, 2006.


To display a larger version of the image above, click here: icon_photo.gif BCAMBigger.jpg

About FLIR Systems: FLIR Systems, Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets thermal imagers and infrared camera systems worldwide for a variety of applications. FLIR's thermal imagers are used in such diverse applications as public safety, defense, navigation, electronic news gathering and search and rescue, as well as for electrical inspection, commercial and residential building inspection, indoor air quality and home energy monitoring applications, non-destructive testing, medical science, research and development, and manufacturing process control. For more information on all types of thermal imagers, please call +1-800-464-6372 or visit FLIR's site.

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