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Tools Needed for HOme inspection?


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There is a pretty extensive thread on this subject already here on TIJ. If you search through the previous threads you can probably find it. Try doing a search for 'tools' all subjects, all dates.

By the way, using a handle as a username is fine, but home inspectors get paid to be upfront and forthright with clients. We expect the same from each other here and participants tend to be more willing to respond to someone when they can respond and address the person with a proper name like, Mike, or Kurt, or George or Chad..Well, I'm sure you get the idea. Don't be embarrassed about filling out your profile because you are a rookie. All inspectors are welcome here and I think the new guys in the business that are already regulars here will confirm that this group is very willing to help new folks. They just would like the courtesy of knowing who they are addressing.



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There are literally dozens of tools I like to have or want to have with me - but if you took everything else away from me, what can I do 90% of all home inspections with by themselves?

(1) My very bright flashlight

(2) My Little Giant ladder

(3) My 6-in-1 screwdriver

(4) My GFCI tester

(5) My inspection mirror

(6) Field checklist or cheatsheets

(7) Ballpoint Pen

That is my emergency kit.

Dan Bowers

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Phil, As YOU've already stated, the first and most important tool that you can carry with you is YOU.

It doesn't matter what tools YOU have or how fancy or expensive they are if YOU don't know how to use them, what they might tell YOU, and perhaps most importantly, what they can't or don't tell YOU.

YOU are the person who will decide what tool to use in what circumstance, YOU will determine what YOU see after using the tool. You will choose what language to use, and how to say what YOU have seen.

YOU have to make the decision as to the type of report to give and when to give it, as well as make the decision to use complete sentences, abreviations, or check marks. YOU are the person who will have to communicate very clearly what YOU have found to whomever YOU are working for.

It's a never ending battle for most of us because as we become better educated and more experianced we realize that we will never ever be a Mark, Mike, Jerry, Douglas, or one of a few hundred others that we consider very knowledgeable in this field. We wipe the sweat from our eyes take a deep breath and try to follow where others have gone.

Try to find an experienced inspector that will allow you to carry their ladder for a day. It will be worth it. YOU will be glad that YOU are getting to know the greatest tool in your bag...YOU.

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