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Roof covered in snow


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Trying again. This is getting weird. I know I posted, but I don't see my response here.

I don't know how the others do it. If it were me, I'd:

1. Exclude the unviewable roof from the scope of my inspection and explain to the client onsite that the inspection is only of those systems and components that are 'exposed to view and apparent at the time and date of the inspection.'

2. I would record in the written report that the roof had been excluded and why and would include a comment that I would be willing to return at a later date to reinspect the roof only, once it is free of snow. I would make sure that the client understands that it is his/her responsibility to notify me when the roof is clear and to schedule the reinspection and that I charge by the hour to return to a home to inspect areas that were excluded because they were unviewable.



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I would hire somebody to shovel the roof clear of snow. Then I would use spiked type golf shoes so I did not slip. I would then inspect the roof as usuall.

The report would read that the roof and its covering are about averege for its age. I would suggest monitoring roof for any changes in condition and take appropriate action.

Captain snow[:-banghead]

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Not to beat a dead horse, but I would not inspect it, and mark it that way in the inspection. However being scottish I would let the buyer know that I would be glad to return to the property, at a later date, when the roof was free of Ice and snow. (for a slight fee)

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I would pull up to the house, get out of the truck and say "Holy S#!t[:-bigeyes] there is snow all over the roof. I haven't seen snow in this area for 30 years, ya know I wont be inspecting the roof today, ain't safe."[:-scared]

Then I would agree with what every one else said.

P.S. It was 97 degrees here today

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