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Do you keep in touch with previous clients?

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This is an example of what went out to clients, and all others that I have contact info for.

Content is important but I thinks it is more about keeping you image in front of them.

Out of sight out of mind.

The ones that don't want to receive can block or have asked to discontinue, rarely happens and I have gotten some good feedback and jobs from this simple effort.

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For 10 Years we've been sending out a newsletter twice a year to past clients. Kept our name out there. BUT, both us and them weren't really big on email untill the past 2 years. That means that its just gotten too expensive to keep mailing 6,000 people and getting 20% (+/-) come back every time.

Right now, our MONTHLY NEWSLETTER is only going to the past 2 years worth of our clients that we have emails addresses for.

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