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Kitchen Remodeling


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Hello gangs,

I am undergoing a remodeling project in my home in Sioux FAlls, SD. First of all, the house is almost 60 years old. I tried to isolate the wires (outlets and lighting).

the single circuit lighting for the kitchen is connected for several rooms (kitchen, dining room, hallway, bathroom, and one bedroom) The wires are buried in the attic, what would you recommend me to do? I do not want to rewire the bathroom, hallway, and the bedroom.

The same goes for outlet are shared for several rooms.

Thanks for your time.

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I'm rewiring an old house as I go and it's very difficult to address these issues because you don't know what junction boxes supply which rooms. Last week I cut out some old bx that I thought ran only an outlet and now my wife's starting to get cranky about using a flashlight in the bath room. There is no easy answer, but the best one is to hire an electrician to do it.

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