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PHS Home Services Going After Sellers Market


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CINCINNATI, OH - October 10, 2006

Packaged Home Solutions, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: PKGH) www.packagedhomesolutions.com -- ("PHS" or "The Company"), has formed PHS Home Services, Inc. (www.PHSHomeServices.com) as a subsidiary. This subsidiary has introduced an innovative "Designed to Sell" (DTS) package of services for selling homeowners to increase the value on sale and time to sell their homes.

PHS Home Services has completed a 6-month test market on a package of services targeted to assist homeowners to properly prepare their homes to sell faster and at a higher price based on the current soft market conditions. Today, PHS Home Services is unveiling its "Designed to Sell" (DTS) Inspection & Consultation Services to professional Real Estate Agents, Brokers and the For Sale by Owner (FSBO) community. The "Designed to Sell" Inspection & Consultation Service is FREE to qualifying homeowners. However, the innovative DTS package of services generates substantial fees to PHS Home Services when the homeowner implements the recommendations targeted to sell the home faster and for more money. In addition, a significant number of kitchen & bath updates will be generated for Packaged Home Solutions' Interior division, since the remodeling of kitchens and baths have historically proven to be the best improvements to help sell a house faster and create a higher resale value.

The new subsidiary associates itself with the leading home inspection companies in each market, as well as the leading real estate brokerage firms in order to offer a complete free DTS home analysis and evaluation. The DTS includes a pre sale home inspection to a selling homeowner as a prelude to marketing their home. Since normally, only a buyer orders a home inspection when the house is under contract, the free home inspection for the seller, prior to contract, is a quantum leap in services provided to homeowners. Furthermore, the Designed to Sell package of services is transportable to every market that PHS expands into -- and offers a value added service to generate core business for PHS -- with virtually no competition.

Brad Cousino, President of PHS Home Services Inc., stated: "When we started Packaged Home Solutions three years ago, our desire was not only to be the first national home improvement services company, but also to introduce totally unique approaches to the market. This is the first such program we are announcing, but it certainly will not be the last. There is a void in the market, which is the preparation of a home for sale, as opposed to reacting to a home inspection report commissioned by the buyer. In a soft real estate market, which we are presently in, our DTS program will inform each selling homeowner what they must do to make sure that their house sells at the highest value and in the shortest period of time. The DTS program also creates a marketing relationship in each market with seasoned home inspectors, real estate brokers and quality preferred service providers who provide repairs and improvements that are beyond the scope of the services provided by PHS. The DTS package of services allows us to penetrate each new market quicker and more effectively, which is vitally important to us, as we expand into 30 markets."

The Designed to Sell package of services is comprised of the following components:

  • -- Professional Home Inspection Companies: PHS Home Services interviews

and then contracts with experienced, local home inspection companies in

each market. Each inspection company signs a marketing agreement to

provide Pre Sale Home Inspections, a detailed written report and

consultative service on behalf of PHS Home Services. The 10 to 25 page

written report & evaluation includes professional recommendations, which if

implemented, would position a home to sell faster and at a higher price

resulting in a net gain to the homeowner.

-- Real Estate Professionals (Real Estate Agents / Brokerage Houses):

Meetings are set with local real estate agents to explain the "Designed to

Sell" program. The real estate agents recognize the value of the Designed

to Sell Inspections & Evaluations (DTS) especially now that it is a

"buyers" market.

-- Zero "Out-of-Pocket" Financing Program Provided: Homeowners who have

positive equity qualify to have the recommended DTS improvements made on

their home and not pay anything until the home sells. If the house does not

sell in the 120 to 180 day period after the improvements have been

completed, the loan is then amortized over three to five years.

-- Preferred Service Providers: 98% of buyers' home inspections come back

with various items that need to be corrected. PHS Home Services, with the

assistance of local home inspectors, assembles a "swat team" of local

Preferred Service Providers (PSPs) so that homeowners have a list of PSPs

to choose from to assist in getting their houses ready to sell. PSPs cover

the following categories; Roof, Chimney & Brick Repair, Gutters, Windows &

Siding, Entry Doors, Landscaping, Electricians, Plumbers, HVAC, Handymen,

Foundations, Carpet, Flooring, etc. The PSP pays a Referral Marketing Fee

to PHS Home Services, thereby generating additional bottom line income for

PHS. This mutual relationship generates "cross marketing" opportunities

with PSPs who have customers that want kitchen & bathroom remodeling work.

-- Packaged Home Solutions Kitchen & Bath: A targeted "client" base for

Packaged Home Solutions' concept is "remove & replace" kitchens and baths

in older homes that were built prior to 1995 with a value of greater than

$100,000. The ultimate reason the "Designed to Sell" package of services

was created because it targets an ideal customer base for PHS. PHS directly

benefits when the DTS program involves a home that is in good condition,

but due to age of the home, has dated kitchen or bathrooms. It is proven

that a new kitchen or bathroom will help sell a home better than any other

improvement -- and often get 100% of the money back. These demographics

also represent tens of thousands of homes that are either on the market, or

soon to be on the market to be sold.

-- Professional Home Staging Option: If the recommended Designed to Sell

work is completed by PHS Home Services Preferred Service Providers or

Packaged Home Solutions, then PHS Home Services will provide a professional

home stager that will make final preparations to prepare the home for the

sale process.

About Packaged Home Solutions

Packaged Home Solutions, Inc., formed in 2004, has created a systematized approach that makes remodeling fast and as "customer-friendly" as possible. The Company's executives have over 138 years of experience in the home improvement business, including senior positions with several of the largest retail home improvement chains in the US. The Company was established to provide consumers with reliable, attractive home improvement solutions, including kitchens, bathrooms, basement and exterior improvements that provide the best in product selection and installation services. The Company focuses on the middle market home in range of $100,000 to $500,000, specializing in improvements to increase the value of the home, and maximizing value of the home for sale in a softening real estate market.

PHS currently has seven offices located in Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio, Indianapolis, Indiana, Louisville, Kentucky, Jacksonville (2) and Miami, Florida. The Company's intention is to open a regional office in Tampa, Florida prior to the year's end, as well opening additional satellite offices in Cincinnati and Miami. The Company will be opening regional offices in 2007 in Atlanta, Dallas, Phoenix, Denver and Southern California. These regional offices will then open satellite offices as each market matures. By the end of 2007, the Company plans to have 30 operational offices, making it one, if not the largest home improvement services company in the United States. At that the time, the management of the Company will consider various options to maximize shareholders' value, including a sale to an industry participant.

Stay up to date with current events by joining Packaged Home Solutions' E-Mail Alert List. Join by clicking the link below:



Statements about Packaged Home Solutions, Inc.'s expectations, including future revenues and earnings, and all other statements in this press release other than historical facts are "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and as the term is defined in the Private Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Packaged Home Solutions' actual results could differ materially from expected results. Packaged Home Solutions undertakes no obligation to update forward-looking statements to reflect subsequently occurring events or circumstances. Should events occur which materially affect any comments made within this press release; Packaged Home Solutions will appropriately inform the public.



Investor Relations Contact:

Gerald Kieft

Ryan Audin

Wall Street Resources, Inc.

2646 SW Mapp Road, Suite 303

Palm City, Florida 34990



Packaged Home Solutions:

Mike Klieber



SOURCE: Packaged Home Solutions, Inc.

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Thanks for the warning Mike!

Yet another reason for me to continue to be too embarrassed to admit I'm a home inspector.

This is the claim on the front page:

"Be PRO-ACTIVE! Get a FREE pre-sale home inspection. Take the guess work out of what needs to be done to position your home to sell FAST and at the highest price".

"Pre-listing Inspections - Wow! What a great idea! The potential buyers all seemed to find the pre-listing inspection report useful and it made them think that the sellers had nothing to hide. Good for the buyers as well as the sellers".

But wait, there's more:

1. A comprehensive 12 to 20 page written report (with digital pictures) by seasoned home inspectors.

2. Identifying all items of work that should be completed prior to marketing.

3. Provides ample time to bid and complete the repairs or updating in advance.

4. Valuable recommendations that would position the home to sell FAST AND at the HIGHEST price.

5. Eliminating last minute "surprise" findings from the buyer’s inspection report

6. Removes the buyer asking for reduction in agreed upon price due to buyer's inspection report.

This is what you actually get:


How can this report actually be from a home inspection that follows even the lamest standard of practice? (including the SOP of the organization where the inspector is listed as a candidate)

What possible value is this report (I cringed when I called it that) to a home seller?

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Oooohhh...... I read the blurbs; now I get it. Let us find what's wrong, then we'll fix it for you so you can make more money when you sell your house. I wonder if they are angling a slice of the sale as a teaser?

We'll see; no one's been able to consolidate the fragmented remodeling industry yet.

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It seems that this is tip toeing around the SOP stating that The Inspector may not perform any work of improvement to a residence upon which The Inspector performed a home inspection within the previous 12 months. I still think it may be going so far a referal. Opening up a can of worms.

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