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Modular or Manufactured? Get It Right! Now!


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Have you recently done an inspection on a double-wide mobile home and while you were inspecting it, kept referring to it as a "modular" home? If this sounds like you, shame on you, you're a professional home inspector, and you should know better than to call a manufactured home a modular home.

"So what's the big deal," you might ask, "It's only a small mistake." Not true, calling a manufactured home a modular home is like calling a Chevy a Mercedes - they just aren't the same thing. Not only is it unprofessional and downright false, it helps to reinforce the incorrect notions that the home buying public has about modular homes, placing modular homes, in the minds of those customers, on a par with manufactured, or mobile, homes, when there's a world of difference.

Smarten up! To learn a little more about the modular home building process, click here to read an informative article about the modular home building process from the May 2006 issue of Popular Mechanics.

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