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BuildScanIR Network Partners with Infraspection


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Greensboro, NC - November 03

BuildScanIR Network, the largest group of private infrared (IR) thermographers in North America, announces a partnership with Infraspection Institute, the industry's premier on-line training experts, to provide infrared training and certification for its members.

BuildScanIR?Network is a resource for anyone interested in building thermography and is geared toward home inspectors and building owners and managers who wish to use infrared technology on buildings. Membership in the network provides resources such as forums, articles written by experts in the industry, access to infrared camera rentals, sales and training.

“We are very pleased to be working with our long-time friends at Infraspection Institute,?states Gregory R. Stockton, founder and President of Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services, Inc., who operates the BuildScanIR?Network. “Our goal is to make the BuildScanIR?Network the most valuable resource available for building infrared thermographers and anyone interested in building thermography. With nearly 27 years experience in IR training, Infraspection Institute’s training and certification programs are widely known and well-recognized. Our partnership provides BuildScanIR?members with access to world-class training without leaving their homes,?Mr. Stockton states.

According to Jim Seffrin, Director of Infraspection Institute, “Infrared inspections of buildings represent one of the most challenging applications in thermography. Our courses teach students to understand the dynamic interaction of building components and systems, weather, and building operations. We provide real world solutions that allow our graduates to work with confidence as they expand and grow their businesses.?Seffrin also notes, “BuildScanIR?Members may choose from regularly-scheduled open enrollment courses or convenient, web-based Distance Learning. With our Distance Learning Courses, BuildScanIR?members can train whenever and wherever they want. Students who complete 32 hours of Distance Learning are eligible to take the Infraspection Institute Certified Infrared Thermographer exam.?

BuildScanIR?will be offering incentives for members who successfully complete courses. The incentive is a choice of one of five home inspectors tools, valued at $200 or more. “We want visitors to find value in every aspect of our site, specifically in the benefits of infrared thermography as it applies to the individual members business,?states SITS Marketing Director, Cindy Hawks. “The tools we chose will be valuable to the home inspector and will utilize the specific training they receive via the Distance Learning Courses,?she states.

BuildScanIR?is one of seven application-specific service divisions of SITS, founded in 1989 by Gregory R. Stockton, who is considered an industry innovator and expert in IR applications. Infraspection Institute pioneered the infrared training industry and have shaped it through training, technical consulting, technical publications, research, standards development, and software publishing.

For more information on the network and its benefits and to sign up for Infraspection Institute’s Distance Learning Courses, call 800-248-7226 or visit: www.buildscanir.com

To learn more about infrared thermography, visit: www.stocktoninfrared.com and www.infraspection.com/.


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