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Weak Cell Phone Reception at Home? Get a Booster!


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Most of us get good cell phone reception at home. However, there are a some who need to walk outside onto a deck or walk up and down their streets to get a good signal. For these folks, a cell phone booster may be the answer.

An article in this month's HGTVPro describes the pros and cons of one such system. To read more click here.

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I had almost zero reception at my home until I installed one of these things.

As do most home inspectors, I run my Chicago home inspection business out of my Chicago area home. I live in an area that is surrounded by major highways. My home is only 4 blocks from the 290 extension.

I had tried ATT, Cingular and Verizon. The minute you would turn onto my street, the calls would drop.

Adding this device helped. The installation is simple enough for the average home inspector. Make sure you order the correct unit for you phone. The first one I tried was incorrect and I had to sell it on e-bay for a loss.

It stinks that you have to spend $200 to get reception in a major metro area but I got sick of complaining!

Good Luck!

The Inspector General


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