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Interesting Italianate

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It's really about the corbels; after that, the roofline is (kind of) American Style Italianate, but the lack of corbels puts a strange proportion on it. The Breakers in Newport has a "hip roof", but it doesn't figure prominently in the appearance like this house.

Bet it's nice inside.

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It wants to be an Italianate when it grows up!

Anyone else have pics of single storey italiantes (sp)?

In my realm, the only single storey ones are buildings secondary to the main house or small churches/chapels.

I can see that the siding projects beyond the surface of the trim, indicating a recent NTE attack (Nefarious Tupperware Encapsulation). This usually results in the hacking-off of bracket thingies. My second guess is that there originally was an upper full or half storey that was lost and then replaced with the hipped roof.

Adaptive re-use of a Gothic Revival carriage house:


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Originally posted by Chad Fabry

Anyone else have pics of single storey italiantes?

This is the only one I've ever seen

In "A Field Guide to American Houses," Virginia & Lee McAlester include pictures of four single-story Italianates. One of them shares the simple, unadorned eave that's evident in your example. In fact, it's so simple and unadorned that I would never have pegged it as Italianate.

I wish my scanner were working so that I could post a picture. Does anyone else have this book?

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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Gotta tell ya that this is not my forte, the various architectural styles/decor (just ask my wife). Is the "Field Guide" a fairly definitive reference that it would be wise to acquire? How about a basic primer type reference (with stick figure drawings!), anyone got a suggestion?

Here are some links that I've collected: http://historicbldgs.com/styles.htm

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