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Why Headers Without Lateral Support Twist


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By Ted J. Osterberger, P.E.; David M. Nelson, P.E.; and Frank E. Woeste, Ph.D., P.E.

Lateral support of deep multiple-ply beams to prevent twisting in service is extremely important to ensure proper product application. Without lateral support on the compression side, the natural tendency of a beam or header is to twist when loaded. When the compression side of the beam is not sufficiently braced, the top section of the beam (in compression) or header acts somewhat like an unbraced column and can buckle under a relatively low load.

20061220125614_TwistedHeader.jpgTypical flush beam or header applications receive lateral support from the perpendicular roof or floor framing system. However, some applications or framing practices call for “droppingâ€

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Thanks Michael,

But the links above were truncated due to the parens. So go here and choose Dropped Header Design Guide near the bottom:


Originally posted by mthomas1

Direct Links:


http://www.i-joist.org/pdf/WIJMA%20Drop ... %20(1-3-06).pdf


http://www.i-joist.org/pdf/WIJMA%20Drop ... 0(1-3-2006).ppt

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