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Old Barn: Free For the Moving

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Hi all,

2006122118424_Barn.jpgWell, this one isn't too old - only about 60 - 70 years - but if you're seriously into woodworking as a hobby, you're on the middle eastern seaboard, you've got your own shop and your own lumber shed, this probably looks like manna from heaven. If I still lived on the east coast, I'd probably already have a truck leased and would be packing my tools and I'd drive all night to get to this sucker first.

It's free to the fellow who's intrepid enough to deconstruct it, stack it on a truck and haul it away.

Click here for more details.



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Real barn wood fetches decent bucks. I'm thinkin' this one's priced about at what it's worth.

The roof's probably been torn open since Floyd or Isabel. It's built with thin milled boards that decay quickly. Not like old growth timbers, hand-hewn down to heart wood, that are common in the barns built centuries earlier.

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