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Prefabricated hole in vent pipe in attic

E. Burns

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I don't know about Florida only been down there 3-4 times but up here where water freezes it generally runs downhill once it's melted.

I know because that's a prequalifying questions for all aspiring plumbers.

On a different note and not related to plumbing.

Did you notice the absence of 'H' clips? Or is it the angle of the camera that's making them invisible.

Is that light I see at the top of the stack where it penetrates the sheathing?

Sorry Mike,

Your recycling idea is really thousands of years old. The Chinese have been using methane for cooking and various other purposes in exacly the way you've described it.

Our sewage treatment plant in Calgary uses methane to generate power and heat.

Something to think about.

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Could it be where at one time there was a backflow wash drain connected to there for a old water filter system?

As far as the H-clips if they were not there and the roof sheathing was not buckled and no evidence of that on the roof I don't think Ron would have called it out.

It's nice to know that nobody has seen this before.

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As Chad alluded to, the high location of this opening rules out any chance of it being a drain for anything.

Water drains downhill generally and I would suspect it wouldn't meet code in the first place.

Are we saying that 'H' clips are not required in Florida. What is the edge support requirement in Florida or is there any?

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The object in the photo is not an uncommon site here. While not proper, this is commonly how the backwash for a water softener system is installed when it is installed after the fact. If thought about during construction they run the drain next to the laundry drain line with a 1 " air gap.

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Originally posted by hausdok, in part:

Wish I still had access to the ASHI forum and archives. About a year ago I posted a detailed explanation of all of this on the ASHI forum. I'll see if I can find the notes I used at that time. I may have saved them in notepad or in a Word document someplace.



I looked for you. Between the ridiculously poor archive feature of WebBoard, & the (currently) bottomed out speed of the ASHI board, finding anything more than 90 days old is essentially impossible.

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'H' clips have been used here for a really long time. They provide the spacing requirement and edge support.

I like to run things downhill, so much cheaper and more reliable.

We could beat this thing to death but from my perspective I get the sense that the hole doesn't penetrate the stack itself by the way the light and shadow is reflecting in the hole.[:-smirk]

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