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Explosive Gas Monitoring Services


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I'm doing some work at a sewerage treatment plant and due to the buildup of methane gas, certain areas are deemed "explosion proof".

In order to complete the work, I need a "gas monitor" to be present. This is basically a "baby sitter" certified in the use of explosive gas monitoring equiptment.

I have looked on-line, under gas monitoring services, IAQ, in the blue book and today I will search companies that manufacture the equiptment in hopes they can help.

Any other suggerstions as to where else I can look. I will also try JLC.

I realize that this doesn't fall into the realm of Home Inspecting, but there is alot of experience floating around here and any help would be appreciated.

Steven Turetsky, S.I.,N.Y.

"The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action".

Herbert Spencer 1830-1903

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Steven, I believe each state's occupational safety has their own protocols. I know michigan does because of oil and gas production facilities.

My strong recommendation would be to call those that know - my go to source has always been Jeff at Tool Experts in Tennessee. Good guy and knowledgeable. Go to their web-site and don't be afraid to mention my name. Might get you a better price!

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