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The worst new roof I ever saw.

Kyle Kubs

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This one was about a year ago and quite unbelievable. Of course the seller refused to fix it & the buyer just said ok & bought it anyway and moved right in... So I get this call a few weeks back from the agent... Kyle, Mr. Kims roof is leaking and water is pouring in throught the ceiling, can you come take a look? (Read, can you come fix it...) I still talk about this one all the time and it just irritates me how this guy flipped this house having done almost nothing to code and just walked away scott free. So I ask the agent, did Mr Kim have a roofer come take a look like I said? Were any repairs made? (This roof needed to be re-framed) Of course the answer was no, and everybody is perplexed that there is water coming in. I remember using the analagy on the original inspection about if it was a used car you were looking at and the wheels were on top... would you buy it? Anyway the pictures mostly say it all. What a waste of brand new shingles.

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Pitiful. It's incredible how some people seem to think water will magically go just where and how you wish it would, rather than where physics take it.....WRONG! Dolts.

Yeah, it's all your fault Kyle. Get over there and fix it, would you? [;)]

Brian G.

Disaster By Design [:-paperba

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Originally posted by Neal Lewis

What's the slope on that roof? Looks to be pretty low for shingles in snow country.

Exactly... Among other things. The one section is less then 2/12 slope the other is also less then 3/12 putting the valley even lower with the steeper pitche side running right into it. Things you can't see are the lack of ice and water sheild, flashings, drywall screws holding down the stack flashings. It's all bass ackwards. You try to warn people and they do nothing with the information. Best part is we really haven't had any serious snow yet since this was done.

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Don't get me started on the worst new roof installation ever seen, or I'll have to go out to some former jobs and take some pictures of some work that makes that work look like a Lexus compared to a Yugo. I don't know about New Jersey, but here in Washington I think becoming a roofer is easier than going down and applying to flip burgers at the Burger Whopper. There oughta be an additional hunting season with incompetent roofers and those guys who use pressure washers to clean roofs as the legal prey.



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