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They don't make-em like this anymore

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They are not just a Midwestern product. I have seen a couple here in the mid-Atlantic including some near NYC and some in VA. I believe the ones I have inspected were demo models. They are constructed with a welded steel skeleton on a concrete slab with screwed-on panel walls of porcelain enameled steel. Same with the roof and interior walls. One other unique feature is the heat distribution. An oil fired furnace circulates warm air through a closed duct system to radiant panels. They were typically built between 1947 and 1950. I think some were commissioned by the Gov't, as I have recognized some near military bases. They were manufactured in Columbus, OH and shipped on one truck to the job site.

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Lustron homes were a post WWII development that played on the ridiculously low price of steel in the post war environment. They are all over the country, but there were a couple major developments in Chicago. I've inspected a couple of them. For what they are, they were nice little homes.

The eventual rise in the cost of steel, the boom in Pacific NW logging (cheap lumber), & the generally better performance characteristics of non-steel houses led to the demise of the Lustron home.

It was raining on one of my Lustron inspections; it was kind of loud, but soothing in a strange way.

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