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Hip Rafter Issues

Martin Lehman

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I am having a hard time coming up with the correct diagnosis for the hip rafter framing.

Suggestions please??

The roof is framed primarily with trussses but for the hips and rafters.

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif RoofFraming.JPG

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Pretty hilarious.

Though not as bad, there's a mass-production company in Kentucky that utilizes a similar style--meaning trusses down the middle and 2" x 6"s laid edge-wise to create the hips on the sides. I showed my ass once, got the city inspection officials involved, explained why it was crappy, actually got the city peeps to back me up, which resulted in the quasi-condemnation of several houses. But . . . big builder generated a ton of paperwork from structural engineers saying the framing was totally okay, and won. I still see the same awful stuff on a regular basis, and keep my big, opinionated mouth shut.

But it's hard.


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Yea, I have seen that crap done a number of times. The muni's say its wrong but won't write it up.

I write it up but I usually get really nasty calls from the builder. The jack asses all say the same thing. It past at the framing inspection so they don't have to touch it.

I have talked to several different jurisdictions and they say its wrong but I don't understand then why they won't write it up for correction.

Chris, Oregon

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I would classify and file this under CLUSTERF_ _ KS!.But... with all the "agree, but don't do anything about it" from the building dept.'s, How do you deal with a situation like this?

I believe I would write it up anyway. But, if this is "acceptable industry standard" would I be wrong? Would my remarks just be classified as my personal preferance and "FACT" be that it is "ACCEPTABLE"

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Poor workmanship is right. It's hard to stick frame when your use to installing manufactured trusses all day long...

Joe Blow Builder: "Ah what's a bird's mouth???"

I see that around my parts as well. Sometimes I think the only thing holding it all together is the 1/2 inch OSB.

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