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"Z" Metal Hangers are Corroding


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Is Seattle the coast? I guess, indirectly. But no, its not direct exposure to salt water.

I guess we probably won't hit a definitve answer unless we were to call in the chemists!!

My best theory at this point, is that the decking has been coated with some sort of oil or sealer that is attacking the metal. The wood is some sort of Brazilian hardwood - ipe or jatoba or some cool-sounding-wood-that-sounds-good-to-put-on-the-real-estate-flyer-and-get-a-lot-more-money-for-the-home sort of wood.

Perhaps the coating wasn't the run-of-the-mill linseed oil or such.

First time I've seen it, though. I thought the "Z" series was supposed to be pretty inpenetrable stuff.

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