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Looking for Weyerhaueser Install Instructions


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Anyobody have a PDF copy of their install instructions for the lap siding?

As you may or may not know, the company no longer makes the product, therefore there's no instructions on their website.

I'd like to have the file, but specifically need to know if face-nailing was allowed.

I know LP didn't allow it, but they do today.

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No instructions, but I do have this article about the recall bookmarked, for the great quotes. For example:

"At first, hardboard siding had trouble gaining a foothold in the residential housing market. Paul Fisette, director of the building and wood technology program at the University of Massachusetts, said that when he owned a construction company 30 years ago, it was used mostly on low-priced homes. Expectations were low, Fisette said, and few people complained when it fell apart in the rain.

"I think there was an attitude about it that was like, `Oh, it's that crap,' " he said."

http://www.nationalpropertyservice.com/ ... ystems.htm

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Hi Randy,

I'm 100% sure that I have a hard copy around here someplace. It's the someplace that's the problem. I'm still unpacking and searching for that other pub too, so if you can wait a little bit and then remind me in another week or so, when more of this stuff is out of the boxes and up on shelves, maybe I can help.

OT - OF!!!


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