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Doubled up neutrals

Danny Pritchard

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If the main disconnect is outside at the meter then that is the main service equipment. Doesn't really matter though. The terminal you show appears to be a regular round hole/screw lug and, unless it is identified in the panel as suitable for more than one non-grounding conductor, it's wrong.

I'm also wondering, as this is a main disconnect, how the hot side of those whites and greens are being fed?

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"They appear to be solid conductors, so "probably" 14 awg minimum. But, like you, I would like to know what they are doing in this panel in the first place. Danny's post and picture would seem to indicate that this panel contains only the main breaker."

Richard Moore

Rest Assured Inspection Services

Seattle, WA


This panel has the main breaker for the house but it also has two other 20 amp breakers that feed two GFI outlets directly below the panel.Those are the wires you are seeing in the picture.Both sets of wires were 12awg.

Danny Pritchard

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Originally posted by denable

The attached photo shows part of a panel that was around 25 years old. These were the only two bars for the neutrals and grounds. What if anything would you comment on.

Yep, I've run into that too. Flat-out not enough terminals to comply with the rules. I tell clients that the only possible relief I can see is to add equipment ground bars (linked the the neutral bars by a piece of wire, just to be sure) and move all of the equipment grounds over there to make room on the neutral bars. I also tell them to consult a qualified electrician about that and / or other options.

I don't think anyone has done it yet, but I don't see why it wouldn't work if done properly. Douglas, any potential pitfalls come to mind?

Brian G.

Genius / Idiot..You Make the Call

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Originally posted by Douglas Hansen

Dennis - just because I'm the moderator on this forum doesn't mean that every question is directed to me - kind of like the fact that every question about ethics isn't directed to you. At any rate, I liked Brian's answers.


Not to start a thread drift, but I have to correct a misconception. Neither IHINA or myself have the market cornered on ethics. There are a few other things besides ethics that I am trying to etch out.

One of those is trying to get home inspectors recognized as professionals on equal footing with others in the real estate transaction process.

This means getting compensation in line with the responsibility inspectors take on. This means being able to sustain a buisness without the aid of a middleman. This means getting respect from others involved in the sales transaction. I could go on, but I think you get my message.

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