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11 month inspection from h-e double tooth picks.

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Hope this finds you MUCH better! We all have had this type of experience, however you in particular are to be commended. I can put up with a whole bunch, except name calling. Shoot I can even understand a little flowery language - but no names.

I am a little older, so sometimes I will just fake a heart attack, ya know like Fred Sanford. Gets their attention everytime. 'Course you have to hold your breath for a few minutes first.

Stick with it!

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When they start calling you names, that's when you know you are doing it the right way. Personally, I love it when they call me names; in the stare down match that a lot of these things get into, calling names is the same as blinking. They've not just shown their hand; they've dropped their cards on the table.

Here's another little thing I've done when the muni inspector is a pal w/the contractor; I go to the City Mgr. w/photographs, and make compelling arguments. When it's explained to the City Mgr. that their employee is not enforcing the laws they are being paid to enforce, phone calls get made, and meetings are arranged.

City Mgr's. can be very helpful in getting these things on track.

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You did the right thing. Now, keep your cool. If he publicly slandered you by calling you a fraud, you can probably get an apology real fast by having your attorney write him a letter explaining why you will own his home soon.



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Reporting the facts up the guys chain of command may or may not get something accomplished. An investigative news reporter will surely get a lot of peoples attention, especially if a story is run in the paper or 5 o-clock news. If I were that kid and was not getting satisfaction, I'd invite a news camera crew out to my house, to show the builders quality of work and the muni inspectors lack of attention to detail. It would be a show I'd watch over star search anytime.

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The TV thing never works out; HI work is so off the radar, no one really cares. It's just not newsworthy stuff. When you see HI stuff on TV, it's because the network needed a specific number of seconds on a specific day to fill a void in the regularly scheduled program.

Years ago, I flogged a local TV station to do some investigative reporting on a project I was inspecting. They wanted to know....

1) Anyone been killed or maimed?

2) Anyone famous involved?

That's it. I remember the guy on the phone saying something like "you know how many people we get complaining about their builder? Lots."

Even going to the City Mgr. doesn't get you anything unless the inspector/employee mistakes are egregious, as this place sounds. For whatever reason, this stuff is not on anyone's radar except buyer's, builders, and a few HI's.

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