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Blower vent tube crack


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It does look like a torsional crack as Bill suggested. It's likely that a torque load was applied at the time of assembly by twisting the tube into the housing and then "straightening" the assembly by bolting down the blower. Vibration fatigue will eventually break everything.

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I saw something similar during yesterday afternoon's gig. The tube between the draft inducer and the PVC had separated at both vertical seams and flue gases were streaming through the cracks, which is why the bottom of the access panel is so rusted. Umm, and in case anyone is wondering, I wrote up the other leaks and the compression fitting on the gas-supply line, as well.

Does anyone know if the black tube has a proper name?

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I guess I'll go with Chad's tortion theory, it is part of the assembly that was factory installed and the crack was not near a connection or joint. My best guess is the tube was partially cracked and usage cracked it completely. It is pretty wierd, that plastic is pretty tough.

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