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This Firm Aims to Alter the Face of the Profession


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Pacific Environmental Sampling, a subsidiary of Environmental Service Professionals Inc. has signed a stock purchase agreement to acquire National Professional Services, a firm that develops training programs and technology based solutions for the Indoor Air Quality industry.

In this PrimeNewsWire article, The President of ESP Inc. is quoted as saying, "The NPS Training curriculum and software is a comprehensive solution which will enable ESP to achieve its mission of blending the Home Inspection and Mold Inspection industries through our CEHI program."

Interesting reading. We wonder how many professional inspectors agree with the idea that the home inspection profession and the mold inspection industry need to be blended. To read more, click here.

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Very interesting reading.

Personally, I think it's a bunch of guys with a solution that are looking for a problem. It has nothing to do w/science, and everything to do w/the perception that there's a market for the particular service they want to flog.

I wonder what they would have to say to all the State Health Depts. and other nationally recognized experts in the field (Joe L. being one of them) that flatly state testing for mold is largely pointless & without particular benefit. One sort of wonders if anyone in the corner office has working knowledge of building science, or if it's a bunch of suits playing w/balance sheets. My take is it's the latter. I'm glad they have a "mission" to blend these two completely dissimilar disciplines; maybe they'll be so busy blending they'll just quietly disappear.

Just because they wear white collars & make acquistions w/ OPM, it doesn't mean they're smart.

They're the sorts of folks that would be "stakeholders" in the ASTM hoopla; everyone fighting to stick in their special interests, and homeowners & consumers have to pay for it.

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