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New Title For Popular Hansen Book


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I just wanted to pass this on as an FYI. The Douglas Hansen book titled "Electrical Inspections for Existing Dwellings" has been republished with the new title, "The Professional Inspectors Resource Guide to Electrical Inspections". The links for the old title on the ITA site take you to the new book and it is a little confusing.

See photo of new cover.

I'm looking forward to the read. Thanks for recommending this book. The TIJ is a great resource!

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Sorry my fine friend, but Douglas has been working on an update. I don't think he'd let his name be on it if it wasn't an equal or better book (but what do I know???)

It would be good to know if you can get it from him directly. Either way, it's a must have.

Originally posted by Chad Fabry


I'm pretty sure that's not Douglas Hansens book.

get his book by emailing him directly douglas@codecheck.com

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