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Risk Management Strategies for Avoiding Complaints


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By Alan Carson

(Part One: Before the Inspection)

Good home inspectors don’t get complaints.

We thought we might catch your attention with that opening sentence! Actually, we believe that all home inspectors get complaints eventually. Why? There are several reasons but part of the answer may lie in our definition of a home inspection: “A home inspection is a high-liability, in-depth, multi-disciplined technical analysis of the home conducted under adverse circumstances in front of a demanding audience, requiring the generation of an incredibly detailed written report prepared in an unrealistically short time frame for an inconceivably low fee.â€

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There are some ways to minimize some common complaints but there is no magic method to eliminate all complaints. Sometimes when dealing with problematic situations it seems that, there are not that many reasonable people in the general populace. Some are just sitting on a hot button activated irritating burr that bugs them to some degree and that irritation can spill over into unreasonable avenues.

When common sense and rationality can get lost in the emotion-based demands, there is an obvious need to use diplomacy and common sense to see through the troubled viewpoints. Power and control issues are always worthy of consideration as to motivations of aggressive actions. Passive disinterest will only distance the participants from common ground. A mediation-oriented common ground can be achieved with some focused effort provided everyone has some sense of deliberative problem solving and the ability to employ those techniques. Digging in one’s heels into an entrenched defense position does not work, nor does and an inconsiderate counter aggression. Solutions reside in moderation, not extreme positions.

The problems are not isolated to any industry or country. They are as pervasive as people allow it to exist. However giving recognition strokes to bad behavior only perpetuates the reactionary problems that are all too common in any dysfunctional society.

In stopping any potential negative behavior, before it can fester is essential but using clear considerate respectful dialog is of utmost importance for all parties involved.

Given the conflict of special interests and manipulative influences of the various parties, the situation can become pointed and unproductive. That includes the influences of unethical agents who want special favors, and the lazy inspectors who are the minimalist types. Ultimately, everyone to some degree protects his or her own self-interests and financial benefits first long before consideration of others becomes an issue.

As usual, understand the origin of many complaints is rooted in the understanding of psychology and sociology as they apply to human behavior and eventually personally dished out by karma. Karma’s influence is the ultimate negotiator, judge, and policing force.

May all your complaints be minor ones, but do not fully count on it.

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