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Washington State HI LIcesnsing SB5788

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Originally posted by randynavarro


Simply pathetic.

Lewis, I see you're in Idaho. What's your interest in Washington State stuff?

I live 6 miles from the Stateline and have been Inspectiong in Eastern Washington for two years now, my company, Snowy Mountain Home Inspection, LLC, is licensed in Washington and I am licensed by the WSDA.

Because of the SPI Requirement in WA, there are only a two or three Idaho Inspectors who cross the border, there are many more Spokane Inspectors crossing into Idaho, typical Border town business.

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I've had to deal with the state a few times recently, and let me tell ya, they are on a different planet than the rest of us. While most of us return phone calls promptly and follow through on things we say we'll do (ie. I'll call you back in two days after I've researched it) , the state apparently does not deem these things necessary for normal business activity. In the private sector, you behave professionally or go broke. In the public sector, it seems, you can do pretty much what you want with no checks or balance system present.

Discouraged in Seattle

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UPDATE: The Washington Home Inspectors Legislative Advisory Group (WHILAG) intends to be at house hearing and will attempt to be heard on this bill. WHILAG is proposing amendments to the engrosses substitute version of SB 5788. To see WHILAG's proposed amendment, click here.

To see a separate memo explaning their basis for those recommendations, click here.

Remember, any inspectors who wish to comment about this bill, but don't want to do it publicly here on the forums, you can send your comments to letters@inspectorsjournal.com specify who you want them forwarded to and TIJ will be happy to forward them for you.

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