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Annual inspections

Chris Bernhardt

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You referring to "recurring" annual inspections or just "warranty" at 1st or 2nd year of builder's "new home warranty" (end of) period? Some builders had put out a "two year" deal.

I get a number of 'warranty' inspections anywhere from six months in, but most work for me at 10th, 11th and then the last minute at one year.

I market mailers to new home buyers and plan the mailings at the 8th and 9th months or there-a-bouts.

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Hi Chris,

I always stress to the client the importance of periodically getting their homes checked over by a pro to spot the little things that they might be missing.

I get a couple dozen calls every year from past clients asking me to come out and go over their home, just to see whether things are working OK and if their maintenance schedule seems to be working OK. I suppose if I were to send all of my clients from 2004 and earlier a postcard telling them that it's time to do a periodic maintenance status inspection, I could gin up a ton of work, because selling my past clients on follow-up inspections isn't difficult at all.

I just don't have the time and energy to dink around with what it will take to set that up. I'm probably losing money, but that's the price I pay for being a disorganized dullard.



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