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Martin Lehman

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  • 7 months later...

Well for me it was almost an accident. Although I knew I was going into the HI business, I had just retired from the Navy and wanted to take some personal time off first 6-9 months. At the same time I remodeled my house. Long story short my Kitchen contractor took my $9000 and fled the state. I got a lawyer and sued. Well at one meeting, when I was trying to learn about Sole Prop, LLC etc, I asked him. He explained it all then said his main business is real estate. Now he's my business agent, and I'll get referrals from him. Then I asked who his buddies in the business are and he said he would introduce me to some of them.

I thought for a while this might not be ethical, but, I'll charge him the same I would charge everyone, the only benefit I will give him is Thursdays. I'll save all Thursdays till 24 hours prior for him. This way he can set his deal on a time table and it works for him too.

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