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Interior Whirlpool Tub GFCI Location


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What is the current code for Whirlpool tub GFCI protection? Are these required to be protected by a GFCI receptacle outlet in the vicinity of the tub, or can they be protected by a GFCI circuit breaker in the main panel. Has this code recently changed regarding these requirements? I seem to see older installs with circuit breaker protection and new ones with receptacle outlet protection in the access areas.

Saw one Saturday without circuit breaker and no access to enclosure. I recommend further evaluation, but it got me wondering about how the code for this may have changed over the last 15 years or so.


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Hi Dave,

Bonding, installation and protection of these things is very confusing. There are so many variables.

But, if you are talking about a cord-and-plug unit, then:

It must be rated 20A or less.

It must be GFCI protected, and according to NEC680.5, GFCI shall be self-contained units, circuit-breaker or receptacle types, or other listed types.

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