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Reports: email and US mail?

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I started out just less than a year ago, and I use to print them up, and use a pretty little binder, and a couple times even Fed-Ex them. But now I just shoot to them the report electronically. Usually the clients are a married couple and and have multiple addresses, so I'll send a copy to each e-mail address, and then they could forward it to their agent or whoever they want.

There have been a couple of occasions where the client is moving or doesn't have internet access, for one reason or another, then I send them a hard copy, or even deliver it in person.

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I did the paper reports when I had time. Then switched to e-mail pdf's but it clogged up some e-mail systems. So switched to uploading PDF's to my website. Bit of a pain but it worked. Now I upload to HomeGauge and send them a e-mail with the link. No glitches no more.

I now have a tablet PC with my Inspection Agreement in Word. I have them sign it right on the screen and print to pdf and attach it to the HomeGauge report upload.

Of course, I still occassionally get the older couple who don't even want to touch a computer.

Hey, boy. Don't you have a piece of paper I can sign. E-mail the report? Why in tarnation can't you just bring it to me. I don't fool with them dang computer thangs. Give me some paper, boy. Ya hear me? Give me some paper!

Anyway, sure cut down on my overhead for ink and paper and binder.

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