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Severe Southern California Weather

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With all the news on TV lately about the sub zero weather and snow that

the East Coast and upstate NY areas are experiencing, we shouldn't forget

that Southern California has its share of devastating weather also.

I've attached a photo illustrating the excessive damage caused to a home from

a West Coast storm that passed through the Los Angeles area during the

last couple of days. It really makes you cherish what you have, and

reminds us not to take life for granted!!!

Warning: The attached picture is quite graphic and may not be suitable

for younger inspectors.

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif Severe_Storm_Damage.jpg

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Some guys like to thrust the knife. Others like to stand there and twist the handle back and forth and work the blade around a little bit and watch the victim's eyes glaze over. I think Bobby is in the latter category.

OT - OF!!!


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