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What a great neighborhood for the kids!

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So, two days ago I'm doing an inspection on a nice little 85 y.o. bungalow in the central district of Seattle. I go up on the roof to check it out and notice a hole in a shingle with peculiar looking roofing nail just below it. As I got closer to it, I recognized it as what it really was - the tail end of a 9mm slug. So, I dig it out of the roof with a pen knife and toss it down to the client, realtor and one of the homeowners, who're all waiting below.

They didn't catch it and let it bounce into some plantings. They were all looking for it and I think the homeowner was a tad skeptical. Anyway, I go back to my inspection of the roof and, about 8ft. away from where the first slug had been, I found a second. This one I handed it to the client.

"How do you know that it is actually a bullet that's been shot?" came the question from the homeowner. "Um, ignition residue on the base of the slug, rifling marks on the sides and that peculiar mushed shape at the nose maybe?" I answered.

Just another day in the life...



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Hi George,

I never got a chance. It was a pre-offer inspection with a very short timeline. By the time I'd done the inspection and returned home another buyer had beat my buyer's offer and she called to tell me she'd lost the deal, not to worry about writing the report and she'd see me on the next one.

OT - OF!!!


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I dug one out of my brother's roof last year. He lives on what I call the "Edge of the DMZ" near downtown Jackson, MS. Great old homes that the "Artsy Fartsy" folks are redoing and trying to reclaim a section of Jackson from urban assault groups!

We ended up finding five 9mm bullets. What goes up will come down!

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