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You've just uncovered a conspiracy by the Plunger Manufacturers of America (PMA). They have a secret corps of plumbing instructors that are teaching their students to add a second trap to a toilet in the hopes of doubling their business (pun intended). Spread the word about this poop plot before we're all ankle deep in excrement.

OT - OF!!!


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Originally posted by chicago

There was a double stack laundry over in that area with floor drain,so I am pretty sure.Floor drains can run like that.

If that is a floor drain for laundry spill overs connected to the main DWV system there has to be a trap primer... At least on my screen that pic is really small, but I don't see one. Whats all that white stuff around it?

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It was very sloppy with a big piece of Styrofoam stuck in the middle,so I hope I get to do a final walk through.It makes no sense for that piece to have been there,but it makes me wonder how it got there.Nothing like hind sight.If it was a poor or amatuer attempt at a patch that might be a possibility,but do we test floor drains?

This devoloper is promising an one year warranty on a one year old project.

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