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1930's Foundation Question

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Originally posted by Terence McCann

What would the building material typically be on the outside wall, under grade, when the inside is Bell tile/Structral Teracotta?

I don't know about Ohio, but in Oregon it would be a parge coat of portland cement plaster.

- Jim Katen

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Originally posted by Terence McCann

The tile in this basement was really no more than 4" deep. The basement has seen extreme moisture for years, the finished side of the tile is crumbling, and there are area's that have just fallen off. It is hard to imagine that this is the only foundation material.

I've never seen clay tile that small. Might their be two wythes?

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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I've never seen <8" thickness used for foundations.


In fact, I've never seen <6" for load bearing walls, except when used as a backing for brick.


4" thickness or less would normally be used for partitions, where heat or sound insulation is desired. I've also seen 3.5" used for dividing flues in very large chimneys.

Terry (or anyone else), I would love to have a pic of the stuff failing in my collection. I probably see more of this stuff than the average HI and it's always in good condition.

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