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Bonnie Trenga's Sentence Sleuth Writing Workshop is going one on one. The seven-week writing class, which is currently held on TIJ as Bonnie Trenga's Sentence Sleuth Writing Workshop, is moving from a group setting to a one-on-one setting.

Both beginners and more advanced writers can benefit, and busy inspectors don’t have to worry about keeping up with a class schedule. Inspectors can sign up for seven weeks of instruction and go at their own pace. If inspectors are more advanced, Bonnie will give them tougher assignments. If an inspector is more of a beginner, she'll work together slowly with the inspector. 20075181041_BonnieTrenga.jpgBy the end of the class, students' written report materials will be higher quality than they are now, and they’ll have learned how to avoid seven common writing pitfalls.

Bonnie wants each inspector who signs up to get the maximum benefit for his money. Even if it takes the inspector six months to complete the assignments. She'll give inspectors their first assignment, and when they're done, she'll give them the next one.

The class follows the seven main chapters of Bonnie's writing book, The Curious Case of the Misplaced Modifier. Students will have about four or five assignments for each of these seven writing topics: passive voice, nominalizations, vague –ing words, weak verbs, misplaced modifiers, overly long sentences and wordiness.

200752212190_CuriousCaseCover.jpgEach student will have his own private area, seen by just the student and the teacher, where students will submit assignments and Bonnie will provide feedback and answers.

Each assignment should take a student 30-60 minutes. Each inspector will get lots of personal attention. The cost is $150 for seven weeks’ worth of writing improvement.

To learn more click here.

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