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Watts & TIJ Host Radiant Heat Training


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As a general rule, most home inspectors practicing today know very little, if anything, about today's modern radiant heating systems and their hi-tech electronic controls. TIJ & Watts Radiant Heating & Snow Melting, a division of Watts Water Technologies Inc., are looking to change that with the first-ever radiant heating systems course designed exclusively for professional home inspectors.

On September 12th and 13th 2007, TIJ and Watts Radiant will be hosting the first-ever course on radiant operations and installation at Watts' Warm U., the Watts Radiant University and training facility, in Springfield, Missouri.

200762815520_wattswarmu.jpgUnlike traditional heating systems training that's typically offered by manufacturers, this course has been specifically tailored to home inspectors. It will cover basic heat transfer principles, installation requirements for radiant heating systems, radiant heating products and accessories, fittings, connections and tools, and will include hands-on demonstrations.

Cost of this course will be $125. This includes all accommodations, local transportation, and meals. Transportation to and from Springfield is the responsibility of the attendee.

Class size is currently limited to 20 inspectors. Watts Radiant is waiving the $125 registration fee for the 20 inspectors who attend this inaugural course. Additional courses and dates will be announced if the home inspection community shows sufficient interest.

Attendees will fly into Springfield on Tuesday, September 11th and a Watts Radiant representative will meet them at the airport. Students will be shuttled to their hotel, where they'll be able to meet and greet one another and enjoy an evening of relaxation. Classes will be held September 12th and the morning of the 13th and attendees will fly out the afternoon of the 13th.

To sign up for the course, click on the link below, fill out the course registration and fax it directly to Watts Radiant. This course is available exclusively to TIJ members, so non-TIJ members will need to sign up for a free membership at TIJ before they can access this link.

Join us and become the spearhead for future inspectors who learn about this important technology.

To reach our online registration, click here.

To visit the Watts Radiant site to learn more about Warm U. click the logo below.

2007628145859_WattsLogo.bmpABOUT WATTS RADIANT:Watts is a leading name in both the field of radiant floor heating and snowmelting - both in America and in Europe. Watts manufactures more radiant components than any other company in the world, including virtually every key component found in a typical radiant system. Watts subsidiaries from around the world pool their expertise to design and manufacture world class components for quality systems. Watts' manufacturing expertise includes PEX pipe, temperature gauges, controls, safety valves, pressure reducing valves, mixing valves, backflow preventors, flowmeters, balancing valves, electric floor warming mats and manifolds of stainless steel, brass and copper.

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Come-on, Steve, your scaring me.

Look at the announcement. See that hot link at the bottom that says, "click here?" Just click on that and it will take you to the online instructions where you'll be able to get access to the registration form.



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Attention Inspectors:

I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself to all of you. I am Ron Miller, Training Coordinator for Watts Radiant, a world leader in manufacturing one of the most fascinating products in the market, Radiant Heating Technology.

Thanks to your Editor, Mike O'Handley, we have been made aware of this fantastic opportunity to provide educaton to inspectors on the basic principles of radiant heat, applications, as well as what to look for when inspecting our products. The nice thing about participating on our training is that once you learn our product you will be able to inspect most all of our competitors products as well. Our main focus is to help you understand this product to make you more efficient at your jobs. It's that simple.

If you have already sent in an application to me for the class in September, you have probably heard from me already. Prior to your arrival at Watts Radiant, please provide me with your cell number and your travel plans so we know when to pick you up at the airport or if you are driving when you plan to arrive.

If you have any questions about our class, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am available most every day from 8:00am to 5:00pm. You can email me at millerre@watts.com or call me toll free at 800-276-2419.

We look forward to your participation.

Warm regards,

Ron Miller

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Attention Inspectors:

If you are seeking continuing education units for the Radiant Seminar coming up in September, please read the following information. We have done some reseach and the process to create a CEU worthy program is very expensive and time consuming. Instead of going this route, Watts has been informed that it is best if you take a copy of the syllabus from the class you have attended and submit it to your local government for CEU approval. In order for us to make this a CEU accredidation, we would have to be certified in all 50 states. I am sure you can appreciate why we have opted not to go this direction. We will do what we can to be of assistance to you as far as course content is concerned.

Thank you for your time.

Ron Miller

Training Coordinator

Watts Radiant

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I hope all of you will have a good time and let the rest of us know how the class goes.

I would loved to go and meet the group and bought a round for all the help i have received from you.

But I have made plans to go to the 1st Southeast inspectors Conference being held in Georgia on the 13th - 16th which is about a four hour drive for me.

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