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200 Amp Panel for new home


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I am in the planning stages of Building a new home and will be doing the electrical. I have not wired a house since 1996 and I have a question regarding the location of the circuit panel.

The best location for the service entrance is next to the right hand garage 9' car door. I would like to place it just inside that door but it is only about 2.5' wide.

I can not find location information in NEC 2002.

Can you tell me if this location is feasable and or where I could find the info in NEC ?

Tennessee may modify this but I am interested in the NEC's statement.


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Thanks Douglas,

I've been reading this site for 2 months now and have really enjoyed it. Learning, yes but lots of laughs, too.

Let me ask one more thing. If I decide to move this panel to an interior room like the laundry, I would have to mount a box with a disconnect at the entrance but do I run the wire in conduit to the panel ? I know it gets tricky but it should be do-able, right?


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