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Originally posted by homnspector

Does anybody know where in the IRC I can find the minimum room required in a crawl space? I was thinking 16 inches. All I seem to be able to find is the size required for the opening.

Look in R319.1

It says that you have to use decay resistant wood for joists that are less than 18" off the ground and for wood girders that are less than 12" off the ground.

If the joists and girders aren't decay resistant they have to be 18" and 24", respectively, off the ground.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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This is a cheat sheet I put together from CodeCheck West years ago:

- Excavation free of debris and roots IRC 408.4/506.2

- Pipe penetrations must be sleeved IRC 2603.5

- Beam connections 1/2-in. air space on 3 sides IRC 323.1

- Bottom of sill 8in to earth IRC 323.1

- Sill Material treated or naturally decay resistant IRC 323.1

- Anchor bolts are 1/2-in min max 6-ft. spaceing IRC 403.1.6

- Anchor bolts within 12-in. of end of sills IRC IRC 403.1.6

- Anchor bolts 4-ft. oc for 2-story IRC 403.1.6.1

- All formboards removed IRC 408.4

- Ventilation 1 sq.ft./150 sq.ft. of underfloor area IRC 408.1

- Vent openings within 3ft. (as practical) of corners IRC 408.1

- Vents <3ft of property line OK IRC 302.2X2

- Access Openings min 18-in X 24-in no mechanical equipment IRC 408.3

- Access Openings min 22-in X 30-in if mechanical equipment present IRC 1305.1.4

- I-joists big holes in middle, 1-1/2-inch hole OK anywhere on web, small holes on ends IRC 502.8.1

- Double joists under parallel bearing walls IRC 502.4

- Pre-fab I-joists per manuf. specs IRC 502.1.4

- Untreated wood to soil clearance: Joists min. 18 in., Beams min 12 in. IRC 323.1

- Cripple wall < 14-in. sheathed or solidly blocked IRC 602.9

- Cripple wall > 14-in. braced as first story +15%, 18ft. maximum spacing IRC 602.10.2

- Joist bearing on concrete min. 3-in. IRC 502.6

- Joist bearing on wood plates min. 1-1/2-in IRC 502.6

- Joist lap min. 3in and 3 10d nails IRC 502.6.1

- Joists blocked at all supports and blocked or nailed at ends IRC 502.7

- Joists >2 X 12 blocked or bridged at 8ft. on center IRC 502.7.1

Invest about $100 in every CodeCheck available and create your own cheat sheets for every portion of the report that you'll be doing. Get a copy of the IRC.



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