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Expansion tanks

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Well, I have called Bell & Gossett, Weil McClain and Burnham Boilers.

Left a message at B&G & Weil McClain but had a great conversation with Ron Beck from Burnham Boilers Corporate.

He is checking into their communication software and said he will call me back tomorrow. He also has a 1 hour point presentation he can put on for HI organizations regarding boilers and pumps.

I'd like to get as many people involved for a real time round-table so that we can make his time and possible future "on-line seminars" worth while for these individuals.

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Well, I have been gone for a few hours, I see that Chad mentioned the heat issue. Rich, my boiler guru, had a lot to say about that too. Seems that Chad has the makings to become a boiler guru himself.

One thing that I didn't mention in the push pull debate was that dry firing a boiler is the fastest way to ruin it. With that in mind, it seems better to pump water into a boiler rather than suck it out. Under certain circumstances, that could mean life or death for a boiler.

Bring on the round table, sounds like fun and educational. I'm in too.


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Thanks George!

Regarding the heat issue I would think that they would design the materials to compensate for the temperature, besides the delta t between supply and return is 10 degees - 15 at best?? - it's like condensate return pumps, steam traps, air conditioning compressors under the hood of a car in Arizona, HVAC systems on aircraft (let's not mention the heat shields though).

I hope this will take off. I think it would be great to bring manufacturer's reps here to do on-line seminars regarding their products and proper installation methods.

A mind is like a parachute - it only functions when open.

I like that tag line.

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Originally posted by kurt

This is a kick ass good idea! Terrence, you're a mench.

Besides, I've always wanted to go to school in my underwear. Wait a minute; I don't own any underwear......

Well Kurt, ya got me there. Mench - I have the Webster's new universal unabridged dictionary, all 2,347 pages, 320,000 definitions, and I'll be damned if there is a Mench in the bunch. Is this a new scrabble word?

Other than that I'm glad you like the idea. I hope I can get a few reps to buy into it. You will need to buy a mic and get the software to talk online. The software is free btw. I still have to set it up with the rep's though.

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Originally posted by hausdok

Did anyone else besides me just get a gross mental picture?


Not to worry Mike. Kurt is just fool'in. In fact every photo that you have ever seen of Kurt, is actually him wearing only his underware.

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Originally posted by hausdok

Mench - Mensch actually.

Colloquial Deutsch(German) for a real man or super fellow.

Also works well as an exclamation when surprised or astonished as in Mensch!(Amer. English equiv.: Sonuvabitch!)


I still don't understand what it is you guys want to do and Mike B. can't seem to make me understand it either. [:-banghead]

So, Terry it's your baby. Run with it and I'll just sit back and see if I can figure it out as it transpires. [:-boggled]

OT - OF!!!


Very easy Mike. We will use my IP address as the host for voice communications. We will meet in your chat room at the time that works for all. You should be the mediator to keep things on track. Easy peasy.

If this works it would be great for things like EFIS, pools, you name it. A once a month round table. I just hope I'm not speaking for resources that I shouldn't be.

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A mensch is the guy you want in your corner, the dude that's got the angles covered, the man everyone looks up to.

It's mostly used by Jewish folk, but it's from the German, or at least that's what I have been led to believe. It's the highest compliment.

This should be interesting, although given the tempers that flare in here, maybe there ought to be a 5 second delay on the broadcast. At minimum, have Mike in the broadcasters booth ready to pull the plug.

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Good Morning Mike:

This will be very easy.

1. You will need to purchase a microphone if you don't already have one. Get the headset/boom style mic. You can get this at a local computer store - I'd stay away from Radio Shack. They sell boom style mic's but they are the type for cell phones and the jacks are different. They might have a usb style mic but you don't need anything fancy for this. The cost for the mic should be around $20.00. I have the boom type with the single ear speaker. You will need to plug the mic into the 'Mic in" port on your sound card. Don't hook up the ear speaker, just use your existing speakers.

2. Install Roger Wilco on your computer (we will have to wait and see first what the reps have or want to use however, I will recommend RW to them). It is very easy to install and configure. You can read more about it here http://rogerwilco.gamespy.com/ however, DO NOT download the latest version. It comes with gamespy crap. I have an early version which is just the program. I can upload it to your site for all to use. A little better program is teamspeak but it can be a bit of a bugger to setup. If anyone has any other communication programs that are free and simple to use please let me know.

3. To talk over the net you will use this program. I have a cable modem with a router that has a dynamic IP address however, it hasn't change in quite some time. The IP address is the address of your computer ie. In Roger Wilco you would type in my IP address and bingo - instant communication. We can have everyone join on my IP. This takes care of voice communications.

4. We set a date & time. We use Roger Wilco for communications and we meet on your web site in the chat room.

5. I would suggest we submit questions to you in advance and when the guest speaker is done giving their talk you can read off the questions. We can also use the chat function to type in questions as they may arise but without a moderator it can get out of hand with people talking over each other.

That's about it, very easy really.

If you would like to try Roger Wilco let me know and I can send it to you or anyone else for that matter.

Ron, from Burnham Boilers, said he would call me back today. I have left messages for both Weil McClain and Bell & Gossett so we will see what happens their.

I was planning on going the the St. Paddy's day parade here but we go hit with over 8" of snow yesterday - oh well. Think I'll stay in and have a green beer!

(Can I get MRCs for this?)

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Looks like I'll have to break down and buy a sound card. I love my silent world punctuated by the staccato rhythm of my fingers sending another keyboard to its untimely death.

I have 5 computers, I ordered each one special and none have a sound card.

Sound card, microphone...where will it all end?

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Originally posted by hausdok


So, you're talking about a whole group being able to converse real-time on some kind of net call. I guess I understand that part, but how will a tainer do his or her presentation? Do we have to go to their website? If so, how can we be on your IP address and at the trainer's website? And why do we need the chat room if we're all on a net call?

I guess it's pretty obvious that I've never even seen one of these things done and am still not understanding everything clearly, but I'm willing to try just about anything once.............. except liver, that is.



Hi Mike:

Roger Wilco takes care of communications. You can talk and still go anywhere you want on the net.

Regarding the trainer; he has a powerpoint presentation however, we will not be able to view that - this will be real time communication - no video.

I would think that he will just go over the verbal part of the presentation.

If you would like to install Roger Wilco and try it out with me first that would be fine (or anyone else here for that matter). Would be fun to meet in Mikes chat room and talk real time as well. Then we will really need the 5 second delay!

Let me know.

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