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Saving/moving an historic home

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I received the following e-mail today. I hope someone may have some experience with this that I can pass along to this guy.

"I am considering dismantling an older home (1830) from Georgia to Virginia. The home is threat of being demolished and I would like to save it. Moving it to the Leesburg Va area. I have never done anything like this and wanted to ask if anyone knew of any resources or suggestions in order to do this correctly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated."


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The gentleman asking the question hasn't provided enough information to provide an intelligent response. Does he have any pictures? Any descriptions? How big is the house? What kind of architectural elements does it possess? Is it historic or is it simply a nice old house?

The work to move a house the distances that he is describing are monumental. State Dept's of Transportation have to be consulted, power lines have to be moved, bridges/viaducts may not be adequate to bear loads, roadways may not be suitable, many, many, many issues of adequate clearances, etc.

I've been involved in moving large houses small distances (<10 miles); it is an amazing undertaking. Moving them for hundreds of miles is spooky, but possible.

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Bill, we have a house moving company in Alma, Mi that has really worked magic with old(er) houses. Williams House Moving. I have seen them move full brick three storey houses as well as domes, steel, etc.. I know they are out of your immediate area, but I think you will find there is a brotherhood of these guys that is quite tight and they all know each other. As kurt will tell you it is just incredible to set one down on a new foundation and life. Good Luck!

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