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Historic Masonry Workshop Teaches A Lost Art


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Fixing historic masonry with the wrong mortar formulation and inexperienced labor are two of the most problem-prone areas of any masonry project, especially as they relate to the strength and breathability of historic masonry.

Mortar mixes today are much less forgiving and far less breathable than historic mortars once were: if a failure occurs after a modern mortar has been installed, its repair may be extremely expensive and difficult to achieve. Failure to identify and establish a compatible replacement mortar or improperly install the mortar results in damage to valuable historic brick and stone. One needs a clear knowledge of mortar history and traditional ingredients to know when a straight lime mortar should be used.

On September 13 - 16th 2007, the U.S. Heritage Group and HistoricProperties.com, along with the Help and Support of their sponsors; Essex County Museum and Historical Society, Old House Journal, Traditional Masonry Magazine, Caravati's Inc., Expert House Movers, and Arbortech Inc., will host a 4-day Hands On Historic Masonry & Lime Mortar Workshop as part of the Woodfarms restoration in Tappahannock, VA. This workshop will provide those attending with practical information and show how to solve masonry deterioration problems in historic properties.

Hands on techniques illustrated by successful case studies from Chicago will be included in the sessions. For more information about the workshop or to download the registration form, click here.

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