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Questionable Service Entrance


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No good drip loop,

3" feet from window

I got an explanation for this set-up (wasn't really looking for one but got one anyway).

Apparently this area was hit pretty hard with an Ice/Wind Storm this past winter. There was a lot of damage to utility lines, and the utility companies were overwhelmed, to say the least. Anyway when they repaired the service lines to this house they had decided that the old weather head was too close to the windows. So they installed a new meter and mast, but contractor doing the repair could not touch the roof, so they just tucked the mast up in the soffit, trying to make the 3' clearance.

This what the seller or his realtor just e-mailed me. Emergency or not it's still not right. I just call it as I see it.

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I wouldn't call the drip loop. The conductors droop downward from the weatherhead before they climb to the pole. That's what a drip loop does. There's enough slope there to ensure water can't go up those wires into the masthead. I think the explanation is a crock. That looks like it's been there for years.



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Personally I'm voting for Laughable.

But I'm not laughing, just sitting here shaking my head...


Think of it this way;

If a cop sees a guy drive by with a car load of penguins, he probably can't think of a specific statute that makes it wrong... but he know's damn well it's time to hit the lights. [:-slaphap

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