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Bungalow Rescue

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Hi Folks,

I'm a bungalow nut. So much of a bungalow nut, that a few years ago while doing a one-year non-compete with my former franchiser, I worked on nothing but bungalows, trying to save these homes from the ill-conceived remuddling intentions of their owners, and called my company Bungalow Rescue.

This post is about a real bungalow that needs to be rescued. I've been bogarting this information for some time, while contemplating whether to pick up and move clear across the country to start all over again, in order to save this house. At this time, it just isn't practical, so I thought I'd post this information here and make others aware of it.

The Dietz-Malcolm house is in Statesville, NC, a little college town about 40 minutes drive north of Charlotte. It is a classic 1916 arts and crafts bungalow that must be moved, in order to avoid demolition. The house is being sold by Preservation North Carolina. The price of the house is $15,000. This does not include house moving costs, the cost to purchase a suitable lot, the cost of installing systems and a foundation or any of the associated repairs this house is going to need. However, it is still a hell of a price for a pristine example of a true 1916 bungalow.

Preservation North Carolina has found an ideal lot nearby that can be purchased separately and the home will be covered by protective covenants and a rehabilitation agreement to ensure that any renovations to the house don't result in a remuddling.

Most home inspectors are folks that have backed into this business from the construction trades. I'm sure there is one or more home inspectors within a reasonable driving distance of Statesville that might have always dreamed of owning a second home in a nice quiet little town or running a bed and breakfast someplace when they're too old to do crawlspaces anymore. For those of you whom the shoe fits, this is a large project, but could ultimately be extremely satisfying if not rewarding. Check it out. If you're in this region and can't swing it, but know of someone who can appreciate the simple beauty of this home and has the energy and motivation to see a project of this magnitude through, pass this along.

Preservation North Carolina

The Dietz-Malcolm House

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Last fall I inspected a Stickley house in Maplewood, NJ. It was almost original except that the current owner was a stage lighting designer and installed some wacky light fixtures. My clients plan to remove them and replace with appropriate fixtures.

The built-in cabinets were amazing.

My clients lived nearby and walked past the house every morning and admired it. When they saw it for sale, they had to have it. It was nice to see that the house will be preserved and maintained for while.

There is a lot of termite damage in the crawlspace, but it was repaired.

The new owners want to renovate and restore the kitchen this year and they will probably hire us to help them. If I take some photos, I will post them.

One less house to worry about about.

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That house here, on a $65,000 lot, with a $15,000 foundation and $40,000 worth of lot and home improvements would result in a $225,000 to $250,000 home. Well worth the $15,000 (average) cost to move. That is all just dollars and cents. Now about the real value .......... Priceless. If someone can get it to Toledo, I'll take it from there.


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