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YORK GY9S Series

Inspector Will

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Need help on a furnace installation as there is a bit of a disagreement among the parties involved ie, me, builder, sub-contractor,etc.

The furnace is a York GY9S series High Efficiency Furnace. The HVAC cont. installed return air supply at the rear and bottom of the unit. I read through the installation manual on site and it specifically stated the return air supply shall not be connected to rear of unit. HVAC guy says it is ok and now we cannot locate the manual. I attempted to find manual online but all info does not specifically state return cannot enter from rear. It only states instructions for installing return air at sides and bottom. I am safe as I referred it out but this has cause quite a stir and I would like to back my observations with something concrete as it is a 5 million dollar deal. Anyone with particular experience and advice with this model of furnace would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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A quick Google search turned up two installation manuals. Looks like you can use the right side, left side or bottom as return. You can also use one side and bottom or two sides for a return air configuration. Although I don't see where it forbids the use of the rear of the unit for return air the manual never mentions that the rear of the unit can be used for return air. Must have something to do with the air flow pattern around the blower housing.

Mike has the right call but do it on Tuesday morning, doubt they'll be open on Labor Day. [;)]

http://www.descoenergy.com/pdf/York%20G ... urnace.pdf


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