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fixtures in drop ceilings

John Dirks Jr

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What is the proper way to secure fixtures in drop ceilings?

In a basement bathroom I found an exhaust fan and a fairly big pot light fixture that were very loose when I reached up to touch them. I lifted an adjacent panel to have a peek up there and they were suspended by a single thin steel wire.

This method didn't look right to me. Whats the best way to do it? Any codes regarding this issue?

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There are two ways to secure fixtures in drop ceilings:

1) the fixture should be supported by at least 2 wires/cables secured to the structure so if the tile is removed, the fixture will stay in place.

2) the fixture should be secured to the grid systems. In cases of 2 x4 lights, drop it in the grid and secure it with clips made for this type fixture. If the fixture is a hi-hat or in your case an exhaust fan, special bars are available where the fixture bridges the tiles and rests on the grid.

Fixtures should never rest on or be supported by the tile itself.



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