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Cars and houses...same thing, right?

Richard Moore

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Homeowner was a car mechanic (judging from the garage). There were over 30, newer recessed lights, all line voltage, all hooked up the same way. Even the line voltage under-cabinet lights in the newly remodeled kitchen.

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I suspect some auto repair shop is missing a whole bunch of wiring connectors.

It's going to be an expensive fix to have a sparky remove the floating splices and install clamps at all of the fixture boxes. Just because of the time involved. It would have been so simple to do it right in the first place.

But I guess that's why electricians should work on houses and auto mechanics should restrict themselves to autos.

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Hey Charlie,

The "air splice" bit kind of negates the need for me to worry too much about whether they are listed or not. But, as I've never seen these in a home before, I am now curious about their use on a 15 or 20 amp 120 volt circuit.

What are they called (other than quick splices)? Who makes them? And could something be "UL-listed" for 12-volt DC but not AC line voltage and how would I know?

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