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Going to the Plumbing Horse's Mouth


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Hi All,

Not that I want to send you all to another forum, but sometimes it's not always possible to get a warm and fuzzy from answers about plumbing, electrical, or HVAC issues here on TIJ. When I ask a question here about plumbing, electric or HVAC, and am not really comfortable with the answer, I like to back the answer up by going to an expert in that particular field.

So, I'd like to recommend that every one check out Terry Love's Plumbing Forum and use it to backup answers about plumbing issues when necessary. Now, in the interest of educating your home inspection brethren - if you go to Terry's site to get the answer for a tricky question that you were unable to get here on TIJ, please come back to TIJ and share the question and Terry's answer with us.



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