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The first time I took CABO it was all day long over all four categories. They used to publish instruction manuals, which I got like two days prior to test. Missed passing by three questions.

Commentary is usually pretty good, but the test answers will all be from the text itself.

Usually time is real tight in those tests, so having another big book along might not help you expedite.

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The commentary is OK as you would imagine. Whether you should buy them is the real question. After you know most of the code, the commentary is just extra explanation on certain items. You don't need to buy both if you have a handle on the actual code.

The tabs are pretty good too. There are no special code tabs for the commentary, but you could use the regular code tabs on the commentary since the basic structure is the same.

You probably would not want to lug the commentaries around with you at inspections.

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I have the speed tabs and 2006 IRC-- it sounds like that is all I need. It is too bad they are testing to the 2006, since we are still using the 2003 version in OR. I guess I should have taken the test sooner since I was trying to not read the 2006 version until it is implemented. Just gotta remember to not hold the builders responsible for the wrong version.

Thanks guys.

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