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This e-mail was forwarded to be by the agent for my client, a lady from Palm Beach who moved to this neck of the desert. It's pretty funny.

Last night for the second time in a month I walked into a kitchen spider web with literally a hundred tiny, tiny white spiders that got all over me and in my hair. Of course, I stripped right there and pulled my hair out. They were all over me even a few when I went to bed. We vacuumed up the spiders and web, and this morning there was a new one. Also, last night there was a nice brown scorpion in the kitchen crawling around. Don’t forget the juicy tarantula in my bedroom two weeks ago, and the termites outside. So, can you ask around for a really good bug guy. Mine is not so great. You met him. He’s a little nutty. I have to get rid of these spiders FIRST! They are freaking me out. You can imagine me stripping and shaking them off of me. I won’t go in the kitchen now. That’s it. I have to say the bugs are worse here than Florida. I can’t believe I am saying that. The Bobcats and Coyotes and Javelina don’t bother me at all, but the bugs…

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