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Expanded Inspection opportunity

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This won't be for everyone but I think it is important enough to make you aware of the opportunity. Decide for yourself.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has reorganized and is contracting out most of their inspection work to the private sector in an effort to reduce their permanent employee figures and the long term liability and obligation for retirement etc. This work is basically in the Multifamily divisions and involves inspecting new construction as well as substantial rehab work. HUD requires the work to be inspected twice a month at a minimum and for those with construction knowledge especially in the multifamily sector (Apartments etc) this could be a way to add a couple of days regularly scheduled work and possibly up to approx $2,000 a month for the life of the contract. (Inspection fees vary from office to office and generally could range from $500.00-1,000.00 a trip.

For those interested you might want to contact the HUD office in your area and speak to one of the following:

the Contracting Officer; The Construction Manager; or a MAP or TAP team leader.

HUD has a two team option approach to application processing. TAP=Traditional Application Processing and MAP = Multifamily Accelerated Processing. The only reason for mentioning this is they both maintain seperate inspection pools. As projects are processed and commitments are issued the jobs are listed for bids and inspectors are brought on board for each project. Length of contracts can run from a few months to several years per project. Some offices prefer to hire architects for some jobs while other jobs are being bid out to qualified construction inspectors with knowledge of general construction practices. Review of change orders and working with standardized costs is helpful.

Good luck if you are interested.

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